Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening at Goa Chitra

One-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening at Goa Chitra
On 4th July, 2010, Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM

With the number of increasing revelations about the type of chemicals that are laden on our food and the overall effect this has on the environment, Goa Chitra in association with Vardaan Eco-shop, Margao is pleased to announce A one-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening, the organic way on 4th July, 2010, Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at Goa Chitra, the Museum, St. John the Baptist Road, Pulvado, Benaulim. The workshop will be conducted by Miguel Braganza, Addl. Director, OFAI Secretariat, Mapusa.
The emphasis will be on how to grow vegetables and herbs in your backyard or even in pots using local seed and organic inputs, safe pest control, maintaining soil fertility, water management and composting.
Goa Chitra is an ethnographic museum showcasing the rich traditional, agrarian and cultural past with its main objective of highlighting the wizen ways of our ancestors for posterity. It’s about Stepping back into the past to search for answers that will help the future. At the workshop we shall revive practice that were time tested, convenient, and cheap and environment friendly.
Vardaan, the Eco-shop is an attempt to provide the local community an access to environmentally-safe and ecologically-sensitive products and practices that seem to have almost vanished from the marketplace and our lives in recent years.
Recognising the demand as well as the need for a revival of environmentally sound practices Goa Chitra and Vardaan Eco-Shop are planning a series of workshops for those interested in exploring and sharing a more sustainable and healthy way of life, one that will improve the quality of our lives as well as sustain the environment.
Through these workshops in addition to providing information about environment friendly practices emphasis will be laid on hands-on training.
The workshop fees will include lunch, tour of the organic farm, museum tour by the curator of Goa Chitra, Victor Hugo Gomes and a composting demonstration on contemporary composting methods by Eulalia of Vardaan. For registrations and details contact Eulalia/Vardaan at 9527463684 or Victor Hugo/Goa Chitra at 9850466165/6570877or email at
Future workshops planned are soil management, water management and harvesting, biodiversity, sewage and garbage management for builders and engineers, plant use as pesticides, medicinal plants, environment-friendly small scale industry, etc.


Victor Hugo Gomes
House No. 498
Pulwaddo, Benaulim
Salcete, Goa - 403716

Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo (Bardez)

San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo

I have just returned home from the fun and frolic of the San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo organized by Mario Fernandes and his friends.

The occasion was a great success. There must have been over 200 people present, including foreign tourists. Among the folks I met were Tim DeMello (Toronto), Joel DeSouza, Cecil Pinto, Pamela DeMello -wife of Frederick Noronha, and John Eric Gomes. The crowd was entertained by songs by various artistes and local talent. This was a Green "Eco" event, with no prizes, no alcohol, no competition and no plastic plates or cups.

"Pez" with "Miskut" was served in coconut shells - it was excellent. This was followed by the main course of "Xitt-codi" on banana leaves.

Kudos to the organizers for a well planned and executed event, and my best wishes for continued success in future events.

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Sun, June 20, 2010