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Konkani Music on a “new high”

ShaMaz Films (Goa)
T-1/C, Kurtarkar Nagar, Near Stadium, Fatorda, Margao, Goa 403602, India.
Email: wilsonwilmix@rediffmail.com, Tel: 0832 2742944, Cell: 9822386579
Ref: SMF /RM / Press Date: 1.9.2010

Press Note

Konkani Music on a “new high”

Yes it’s a “new high” for Konkani Music.
Why? Because, probably, for the very first time a CD of Konkani Music is being released directly on Air.
Yes, Sharon’s Audio-CD of “Songs from the Konkani Film TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?” is being released on the 3rd September 2010 directly on Air by “Radio-Mirchi" at Campal, Panjim, Goa, unlike other Music-CD- releases, on land.
“Radio-Mirchi“ is the co-host of the release function along with the production company “Shamaz Films (Goa).

At the time of release, two songs from the Film-Songs-CD will, for the first time , be relayed on Air by “Radio Mirchi” from 9 am to 11 am, interspersed with a live interview of Sharon (the main Singer), Wilmix (the Lyricist) & Balthazar Fernandes (the Music Director for the Film).

The release function (on land) will then happen at exactly 11 am, in the very same premises of “Radio Mirchi”, in the presence of the entire Cast of the Film, the Playback Singers, Key musicians, the Goan Media and, of course, very special Invitees.
This will be followed by an interaction between The Team of "TUM KITEM KORTOLO
ASLO?" and the Goan media.

Shri. Balthazar Fernandes ex-Asst. Music Director to Kalyanji-Anandji of Bollywood & presently the Music Director of this Konkani Film “TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?”, has especially flown down from Mumbai, for this function and will share his experiences while composing music for this Film.
All in all, its going to be a “new high” for Konkani Music indeed!

Shamaz Films (Goa)

Loutolim Goatees win 2010 inter-village football tournament in Toronto

Loutolim Goatees win 2010 inter-village football tournament in Toronto

Monday, September 27, 2010

Indian expat group to hold cultural event in Qatar

Indian expat group to hold cultural event

A cultural programme will be staged by members of the Goan community on September 30 to mark World Goa Day celebrations.
Goans worldwide observes August 20 as World Goa Day to commemorate the inclusion of Konkani in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution.
The local organisers, Goans Welfare Association (GWA) decided to postpone the event to September 30 owing to Ramadan. “Moreover, a large number of our community members were on vacation in India on August 20,” said GWA president Simon D’Silva.
At the September 30 event, two books on Konkani language and its people: Konkani Cholchitram and Into the Diaspora Wilderness will be formally launched.
Konkani Cholchitram is a book by Isidoro Dantas on Konkani films from 1950 to 2009. Selma Carvalho is the author of Into the Diaspora Wilderness.
On World Goa Day, Goans remind themselves of the need to work to preserve their culture, music, history, language, cuisine, and art for their children, the non-Goan community and for posterity, said D’Silva..
At the World Goa Day celebrations last year in Doha, an easy-to-learn Konkani language familiarisation book by Mathew Almeida was unveiled by Brazilian Ambassador to Qatar Anuar Nahes, recalled D’Silva.
Members of the community received copies from the ambassador, he said.
While urging the members of the country’s Goan community to teach Konkani to their children, GWA president said the forum has enough study material for those intending to learn the language and also to improve language skills.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goan language and culture to depict World Goa Day 2010 celebration in Qatar

Goan language and culture to depict World Goa Day 2010
celebration in Qatar

The Goan Welfare Association (GWA), Qatar is in full swing in their preparation for the World Goa Day 2010 celebration to be held on 30th September 2010 from 9 pm onwards at the Rayyan Gardens.

A colourful cultural programme will be staged to mark the celebration followed by launching of two Konkani books named “Konknni Cholchitram”, a book on Konkani films history starting from 1950 (Mogacho Anvddo) to 2009 (Mogachi Zor) by Isidoro Dantas and a Book by Selma Carvalho “Into The Diaspora Wilderness”. These two books are recently launched in Goa. Goans in Qatar can obtain a copy of it through GWA members after it’s launch.

Goans based in different countries celebrate World Goa Day in Solidarity on 20th August to commemorate inclusion of Konkani in the eighty schedule of the Indian constitution. But some will schedule their observance of the international event on a date best suited to their communities. On GOA DAY, Goans will remind themselves of the need to work to preserve their culture, music, history, language, cuisine, and art for their children, the non-Goan community and for posterity.

It is a wonderful movement that have started and the Goans who are working at various levels and in various fields connected with the nurturing of the Goan identity and development of the Konkani language are overjoyed about the success of this movement. On GOA DAY, Goans remember 1992, when the two Houses of the Indian Parliament unanimously voted and approved an amendment to include our mother tongue Konkani in the eight schedule of the Constitution of India, thus according it national status. It is also a day where Goans world-wide join in SOLIDARITY to celebrate being a GOAN, said Simon D’Silva, president of the association.

Last year on World Goa Day occasion, an easy-to-learn Konkani language familiarization book written by Fr. Mathew Almeida and published by Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr was unveiled at the hands of Brazilian Ambassador to Qatar HE Anuar Nahes and around twenty five copies were obtained by the community members through Goan Welfare Association. GWA has enough study material for those trying to learn Konkani or improve upon their language skills. Goan Welfare Association urge community members to teach their children Konkani language. Teaching and imparting training in Konkani language may not help our children to get jobs, but it will not make us poor, but will enrich our future generations with a treasure trove of our language," added D’Silva.

Having achieved unprecedented success in previous years, GWA invites it’s members and Goan community to an evening filled with fun, music, cultural programme, games and attractive prizes. More details can be had by phoning 55550491 / 66828980.

GWA continues Goan Overseas Association’s (GOA’s) concept of organizing World Goa Day since 2003 even after it’s merger with GWA and also Annual May Queen Ball from 2001. The Eleventh Annual May Queen Ball 2011 will be held on 5th May 2011. More upcoming events and community welfare activities will be announced shortly.



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Gulf Goans Cup 2010 in Dubai

(Source: Organizers)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Revival of “DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB“ in Qatar

Revival of “DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB“ in Qatar

DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB, a prestigious Goan Club in Qatar which had ceased to function was revived during an Open Forum held on Friday, 9th July 2010 at the Conference Hall of the Doha Municipality Building, Doha, Qatar.

The Convener, Antonio Vaz, in his opening address thanked the Qatar Government authorities, the ex-Presidents and the Committee Members of the various other clubs which existed then and over 200 members who attended the Open Forum. Vaz emphasized the need to revive the club for the welfare of the Goan Community in Qatar including the youth who excel in various social, cultural and sports arenas.

The President, Ambrosio Dias, in his introductory speech said:
“Today, let us all be honest and ask ourselves; do we Goans truly have One Goan Club for the welfare of our Goan Community in the State of Qatar”? Having recalled the great and glorious good times of the past, the result of sincere and dedicated hard work of many of the Goans in Qatar, he pointed out that the involvement and activities of the Goan Community in Qatar had slowly come to a halt and had to be

Ambrosio further mentioned the names of over twenty Goans who had agreed to become the DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB Revival Team Members by contributing additional funds for the creation of an Operating Cash Flow for the Club. Having met for several weeks they also unanimously selected the following persons for key positions namely: Chairman Avito Carvalho, Vice President Lubino Soares, Gen. Secretary George Fernandes, P.R.O & Director of Social & Cultural Affairs Maurico Pereira,
Director of sports Collin Fernandes, Financial Controller Gill Cardozo, General
Coordinator Kevin D'Souza, Advisors: Melwin Barreto, Antonio J. Vaz, Mathew Estrocio
and Cultural Secretary Paul Fernandes. These are the core committee to run the affairs of the club for a period of six months. A comprehensive committee shall be formed eventually and will be announced shortly.

The President, Ambrosio Dias, assured that a General Body Meeting would be held during January 2011 to elect a New Committee. “Until then, we ask each one of you to extend your support and cooperation for the love, unity and welfare of our Goan Community in Qatar by supporting the revival of good old DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB “, he said. The President thanked everyone and concluded by admiring the courage, hard work and dedication of Mr. Antonio Vaz, Convener for the movement of Revival of DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB in Qatar.

During the open Questions & Answers session that followed, all queries were satisfactorily and adequately responded living no room for delay in stepping up the efforts for revival of the club. The Open Forum concluded with a game of Bingo. Prizes were donated by Pheonix Co. Ltd., Mathew Estrocio, Reggie Vaz, Caitan Fernandes, Vincy D’Costa, and Henry Fernandes. Refreshments for all were
sponsored by Kevin D’Souza and Anthony Carvalho.

The day’s program was compared by Paul Fernandes and Mauricio Pereira, PRO and Director for Social and Cultural Affairs, proposed the vote of thanks. Membership of the club stands opened to all Goans living in Qatar.

Doha Goans Sports Club [dohagoanssportsclub@gmail.com]

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening at Goa Chitra

One-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening at Goa Chitra
On 4th July, 2010, Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM

With the number of increasing revelations about the type of chemicals that are laden on our food and the overall effect this has on the environment, Goa Chitra in association with Vardaan Eco-shop, Margao is pleased to announce A one-day workshop on Kitchen Gardening, the organic way on 4th July, 2010, Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at Goa Chitra, the Museum, St. John the Baptist Road, Pulvado, Benaulim. The workshop will be conducted by Miguel Braganza, Addl. Director, OFAI Secretariat, Mapusa.
The emphasis will be on how to grow vegetables and herbs in your backyard or even in pots using local seed and organic inputs, safe pest control, maintaining soil fertility, water management and composting.
Goa Chitra is an ethnographic museum showcasing the rich traditional, agrarian and cultural past with its main objective of highlighting the wizen ways of our ancestors for posterity. It’s about Stepping back into the past to search for answers that will help the future. At the workshop we shall revive practice that were time tested, convenient, and cheap and environment friendly.
Vardaan, the Eco-shop is an attempt to provide the local community an access to environmentally-safe and ecologically-sensitive products and practices that seem to have almost vanished from the marketplace and our lives in recent years.
Recognising the demand as well as the need for a revival of environmentally sound practices Goa Chitra and Vardaan Eco-Shop are planning a series of workshops for those interested in exploring and sharing a more sustainable and healthy way of life, one that will improve the quality of our lives as well as sustain the environment.
Through these workshops in addition to providing information about environment friendly practices emphasis will be laid on hands-on training.
The workshop fees will include lunch, tour of the organic farm, museum tour by the curator of Goa Chitra, Victor Hugo Gomes and a composting demonstration on contemporary composting methods by Eulalia of Vardaan. For registrations and details contact Eulalia/Vardaan at 9527463684 or Victor Hugo/Goa Chitra at 9850466165/6570877or email at gaochitra@gmail.com.
Future workshops planned are soil management, water management and harvesting, biodiversity, sewage and garbage management for builders and engineers, plant use as pesticides, medicinal plants, environment-friendly small scale industry, etc.


Victor Hugo Gomes
House No. 498
Pulwaddo, Benaulim
Salcete, Goa - 403716

Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo (Bardez)

San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo

I have just returned home from the fun and frolic of the San Joao Festival at Salvador do Mundo organized by Mario Fernandes and his friends.

The occasion was a great success. There must have been over 200 people present, including foreign tourists. Among the folks I met were Tim DeMello (Toronto), Joel DeSouza, Cecil Pinto, Pamela DeMello -wife of Frederick Noronha, and John Eric Gomes. The crowd was entertained by songs by various artistes and local talent. This was a Green "Eco" event, with no prizes, no alcohol, no competition and no plastic plates or cups.

"Pez" with "Miskut" was served in coconut shells - it was excellent. This was followed by the main course of "Xitt-codi" on banana leaves.

Kudos to the organizers for a well planned and executed event, and my best wishes for continued success in future events.

From: Vivian A. DSouza < socorrokar at yahoo.com >

Sun, June 20, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010



Goa Chitra, Goa’s first Ethnographic museum at Benaulim, Goa was graced by the Governor of West Bengal, His Excellency Mr. M.K. Narayanan, on the 30th of May, 2010. The distinguished Governor arrived in the state yesterday as a special guest at the Gomanta Vibhushan award ceremony that was held to honor Dr. Kakodkar at a ceremony held in Panjim. Amidst his tight schedule he made time to visit the Goa Chitra museum, Benaulim. Mr. Narayanan was accompanied by his wife and Ms. Pamela Mascarenhas from the tourism department. On arrival he was welcomed by Mrs. Aldina Gomes, Director of the museum and Ms. Maria Gomes Rebello, Chairperson, South Goa Z.P.

He was taken on a comprehensive tour around the museum by curator Victor Hugo Gomes, taking keen interest in the artifacts and the science behind every agrarian implement as well as other objects in the collection that showcase Goa’s rich cultural past.
His Excellency was very impressed with the sustainable organic farm and how it tied to the museum’s objectives to collect, preserve and pay tribute to Goa's unique heritage for future generations. A former national security advisor, Mr. M.K. Narayanan was fascinated by Victor’s dedication and effort to singlehandedly collect, preserve, and document and display the collection through self funding. In his message the Governor noted the following: “It is amazing what we can achieve with dedication, drive and the support of your family. Goa Chitra is history, philosophy, religion and ecology all worked into one. It is a journey into our ancient past indicating how modern our forefathers were in knowing how environment and nature works. Keep it up”.
Victor explained that the genesis of the museum began many years ago when he started collecting old, discarded implements and tools from attics and storerooms because he was saddened to see reminders of a way of life disappear. But as the collection grew, he was awed by the richness of the culture and heritage that these objects represented, and the knowledge and skills of our forefathers. His quest to collect objects and artifacts led him to travel the length and breadth of Goa, to the remotest of villages, speaking to the village elders, documenting the ethnicity and rituals associated with every item.
The governor expressed his surprise that no local body had taken interest in coming forward to provide funding to the museum." It is an amazing collection that reflects the history, culture, science and technology that prevailed in Goa. This gentleman needs our support and I shall do what I can in my power to support this museum and its ideas.”

Since the opening of the museum on 2nd November 2009, Goa Chitra has been graced by many distinguished guests that include the Union Minister of Tourism, Ms. Kumari Selja , the Governor of Goa, His Excellency Dr. S.S. Sidhu, the Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Man Booker Prize Kiran Desai, astronomer and Padmabhushan Awardee, Dr. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar, Padma Bhushan and renowned Indian poet, lyricist and director Sampooran Singh Kalra Gulzar, eminent Indian poets Dr. Surjit Patar, Prof. Naseem Shafai, Ms. Sukhvinder Amrit, Dr. Arabinda Mitra, Executive Director, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, Union Tourism secretary Mr. Sujit Banerjee etc. To preview the collection Goa Chitra has had over 25,000 people visit the museum and has gained local as well as national media attention. This project is recognised as an international product and has been the recipient of two International awards. The Fundacao Orient scholarship 2009 (Portugal) and the V.X. Verodiano Award 2009 (USA) for persons who preserve the well being of mankind through individual advancement in the field of art, music, literature, science, medicine or humanities.

The museum is open to public on all days except Mondays between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. For further details call 08326579877, 08322772910, and 09850466165 or email goachitra@gmail.com

Victor Hugo Gomes can be contacted at House No. 498, Pulwaddo, Benaulim, Salcete, Goa - 403716, India
mobile:09850466165 landline:0832-6570877
Email: victor.h.gomes at hotmail.com

Photos by: Pantaleao Fernandes
Info source: goachitra

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Taking Goa to the world

Taking Goa to the world
Published on: May 20, 2010


Designer, Wendell Rodricks has become one of the first Indians to showcase his collection at Sweden in Gothenburg, recently. This was a unique platform for Wendell to present something new and yet Indian at heart. He was accompanied by designers–Neelanjana Ghose and Rahul Mishra.

For this show, three styles had to be portrayed—classical Indian style, a mix and a European-Indian style.
This event was not merely one where fashion statements are made but it was more than that. “This show was more of a cultural statement rather than plain fashion” says Wendell while speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’ about his experience.

Whenever anyone thinks of Indian designs abroad, there are some clich├ęs involved with it, like royal costumes from Rajasthan or Bollywood themes or some heavy embroidery work. “I tried to show the experience that just can’t be seen. I wanted to show the spirituality of India. I also added Goan touches to it as most of my fabrics are flowing just like the waves on Goa’s beaches,” adds Rodricks.
The show received a good response from the people around. This show was produced by Aschan and Co. Rodricks confirmed that they have been further invited for another show in October. He is also preparing for the new season of the India Fashion Week that will commence from September.

Apart from promoting Indian fashion on a global arena, he is now busy with his work on the kunbi saree fabric which he is all set to redefine and promote on a greater scale. “With this kunbi saree fabric we had only stoles before. But now we are weaving 25 sarees with this fabric and also men’s shirts. We have also made it in the eco-friendly fabric” concludes Wendell who is all eager to give the Kunbi fabric a better and a bigger platform.

This fabric is woven entirely with pure cotton and dyed with subtle colouring extracted from guava leaves and rice kanjee mixed with iron filings. The Kunbi weave also has sea shells and wooden beads woven in the weft. Rodricks is hopeful that weaving becomes a part of the education system in Goa so that village women and young students can earn a livelihood from the same.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goa Chitra Celebrates International Museum Day

Goa Chitra Celebrates International Museum Day
With Senior Citizens of the State.

In compliance with the motto and philosophy of Goa Chitra, the museum threw open its doors to the aged and senior citizens of the state on international museum day. The theme selected by the ICOM was museums for social harmony. As a significance to integrate the aged into the main stream of Goan society, visitors from the home of the aged and senior citizens from across Goa were invited for a Free and special tour of the museum on the 18th of May 2010. Special tours were conducted personally by the curator and collector Victor Hugo Gomes at 10.00 a.m., 12.00 noon and 4.00 p.m. transport was sponsored by Ruby realtors and Evancio Quadros .

The event was met with an overwhelming response as busloads of aged arrived to spend the day at the museum. Armed with wheel chairs and walking sticks, they filled the corridors of the Goa Chitra museum echoing Konkani lexicon along with the curator and adding their own Portuguese translation. For Victor Hugo Gomes this was an equally emotional experience since it was not long ago that he heard similar stories from his grandmother.

For 94 years Mrs. Olga Da Costa, the oldest visitor to Goa Chitra, the day was an extremely emotional experience. With tears in her eyes she confesses to the surprise she felt to see tools and implements that she once so ordinarily used being put on display. To her it was going down memory lane when life was simple and everything had meaning and purpose.

Another senior citizen from the Benaulim Home for the Aged, Olinda was grateful for this experience. This land lady was definitely proud to see the ‘hando’ and promptly recounts her familiarity with the use of these tools. For Robert Fernandes, it was an instant connection not only to the implements on display but to the entire concept of preserving it for the future generations.. “How else would tomorrow’s youth know their ancestry?”

For Dorothy, her smile was enough to express her awe at the display. “In the past these were things that we would use every day, and now to see them on display makes me happy. Thank you for taking on this endeavour. It is not only us the aged but also the younger generation who shall be forever grateful. God bless you and your wife”

In their own wisdom, they knew that all they saw is now history and was grateful to this experience. One could feel the hesitance as they had to leave, because for many they had come home to their youth. The tour’s ended with a interaction over snacks and soft drinks served to the guests.

Goa Chitra, Goa’s first and only ethnographical museum, situated in Benaulim is open to public on all days except Mondays between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. For details call 08326579877, 08322772910, 09850466165 or email goachitra@gmail.com.


Goa Chitra is a tribute by its founder to his ancestors and to their way of life using age-old wisdom passed down through generations. It is an unique collection and display of traditional farming implements and other ancient tools of trade set up against the backdrop of a traditional organic farm.

Beginning with the original 200 privately collected items, the collections have now grown to more than 4000 objects on display. The museum nevertheless preserves its universality in its collections of artifacts in representing the culture of ancient Goa. Each of the artifacts is supplemented by information that was collected in situ by interviewing the elder members of the community and through the study of its application in daily life.

Reutilization and recycling of materials like wood work, doors, windows, pillars, railings and other materials and elements from over 300 demolished traditional houses that have been recovered by the designer contribute to the contemporary outlook of the structure with its blend of traditional elements and modern technologies.

The concept of the museum is in holding with the philosophy that resources in today's world should not be wasted if their use is not necessary.

Goa Chitra believes in reviving age old traditions through the museum display and outreach programs thus allowing the younger generation to share the wisdom of the past which would otherwise be irretrievably lost. This we hope will create awareness about nature, its influences, and benefits on human life.

19 May 2010
Benaulim, Goa, India

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Churchill Brothers Sports Club official meets with Al Qadsia Club representatives

Churchill Brothers Sports Club official meets with Al Qadsia Club representatives


Peter Figueiredo, Marketing Manager and Public Relations Officer of Churchill Brothers Sports Club - Goa, India is seen giving the club memento to Al Qadsia Sporting Club officials, Adil Habib Qambar (Treasurer) and Ahmad Namar (Secretary) at the club house in Kuwait during their AFC Cup pre-quarter final match.

Photo & Info source:
Response Media | Response Events & Exhibitions | Tel: 00965 - 24810109/24814404 | Fax: 24834815 | www.responsekuwait.

May 12, 2010

gaspar almeida

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



With profound gratitude to the Almighty and to our beloved benefactors,
The Cofre de Nossa Sra. de Lourdes, Utorda along with the Parish Priest,
Parish Pastoral Council and the entire community of the faithful of Utorda
coordially invite you for the Solemn Eucharistic celebration, blessing
and inauguration of the newly constructed Prayer Room, Sacristy and a
Community Hall on Thursday, 13th May 2010 at 4:00 p.m.
by Vicar-General the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman,
Rev. Fr. Jose Remedios Fernandes.

Fr. Brito Fernandes (Parish Priest)
Mr. Elvis Pereira (Treasurer)
Mr. Domingos Braganca (Attorney)
Mr. Antonio Pereira (Member)
Mrs. Emy Pereira (Member)

Thursday, January 28, 2010





Baga Cannons-Velim organized the Under-12 Football Tournament Finals held at Assolna Grass Grounds and Zaino-Velim Selection overcame the host to lift the trophy. Zaino-Velim Selection comprised of young budding footballers coached by Chris D’Souza displayed excellent precision and ball control skills and went into the lead as early as the first minute of the game. From there on it was all Baga Cannons displaying quality football desperately looking for the equalizer. Baga Cannons raided their rivals territory time and again but some superb goalkeeping by Zaino –Velim Selection goalkeeper eluded Baga Cannons a well deserved equalizer in the first half. The teams went into the lemon break with Zaino-Velim Selection holding on to their 1 goal lead. Baga Cannons entered the field in the second half with renewed ideas and started their second half campaign from where their left in the first session of play. Showing controlled ball possession Baga Cannons were all over their rivals territory but some our lady luck was not smiling on them as Zaino-Velim Selection were desperately holding on to their lead with the cross bar coming to their rescue on 2 occasions. Time was running out for the Baga Cannnos lads and as the match was going into injury time Baga-Cannons got their much needed equalizer through their mercurial forward Criston. In the resultant tie-Breaker the much experienced Zaino Boys held on to their nerves to emerge victorious by 3-0 margin none of the Baga Cannon boys could convert their penalty kicks. It was a first learning experience for the Baga Cannon Boys as some of them were playing their first competitive match of their Careers. Young boys like Victor, Snyeden, Keegan, Stalin D’Cruz(Captain), Moses, Criston showed immense talent in their skills and ball control, however this boys need to work hard on their physical fitness and stamina if they have to emerge on a larger arena in the game of Football. Mrs. Denika Couthino (Deputy Sarpanch) Ambelim was the Chief Guest for the finals and gave away the prizes to the Winners and Runners-up respectively.


Scan0011: Captain of Baga-Cannons receiving the runners-up trophy.

Scan0012: Winners Group Photo

Scan0013: Runners-up Group Photo

[Thanks to Demien Da Cruz]