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Revival of “DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB“ in Qatar

Revival of “DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB“ in Qatar

DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB, a prestigious Goan Club in Qatar which had ceased to function was revived during an Open Forum held on Friday, 9th July 2010 at the Conference Hall of the Doha Municipality Building, Doha, Qatar.

The Convener, Antonio Vaz, in his opening address thanked the Qatar Government authorities, the ex-Presidents and the Committee Members of the various other clubs which existed then and over 200 members who attended the Open Forum. Vaz emphasized the need to revive the club for the welfare of the Goan Community in Qatar including the youth who excel in various social, cultural and sports arenas.

The President, Ambrosio Dias, in his introductory speech said:
“Today, let us all be honest and ask ourselves; do we Goans truly have One Goan Club for the welfare of our Goan Community in the State of Qatar”? Having recalled the great and glorious good times of the past, the result of sincere and dedicated hard work of many of the Goans in Qatar, he pointed out that the involvement and activities of the Goan Community in Qatar had slowly come to a halt and had to be

Ambrosio further mentioned the names of over twenty Goans who had agreed to become the DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB Revival Team Members by contributing additional funds for the creation of an Operating Cash Flow for the Club. Having met for several weeks they also unanimously selected the following persons for key positions namely: Chairman Avito Carvalho, Vice President Lubino Soares, Gen. Secretary George Fernandes, P.R.O & Director of Social & Cultural Affairs Maurico Pereira,
Director of sports Collin Fernandes, Financial Controller Gill Cardozo, General
Coordinator Kevin D'Souza, Advisors: Melwin Barreto, Antonio J. Vaz, Mathew Estrocio
and Cultural Secretary Paul Fernandes. These are the core committee to run the affairs of the club for a period of six months. A comprehensive committee shall be formed eventually and will be announced shortly.

The President, Ambrosio Dias, assured that a General Body Meeting would be held during January 2011 to elect a New Committee. “Until then, we ask each one of you to extend your support and cooperation for the love, unity and welfare of our Goan Community in Qatar by supporting the revival of good old DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB “, he said. The President thanked everyone and concluded by admiring the courage, hard work and dedication of Mr. Antonio Vaz, Convener for the movement of Revival of DOHA GOANS SPORTS CLUB in Qatar.

During the open Questions & Answers session that followed, all queries were satisfactorily and adequately responded living no room for delay in stepping up the efforts for revival of the club. The Open Forum concluded with a game of Bingo. Prizes were donated by Pheonix Co. Ltd., Mathew Estrocio, Reggie Vaz, Caitan Fernandes, Vincy D’Costa, and Henry Fernandes. Refreshments for all were
sponsored by Kevin D’Souza and Anthony Carvalho.

The day’s program was compared by Paul Fernandes and Mauricio Pereira, PRO and Director for Social and Cultural Affairs, proposed the vote of thanks. Membership of the club stands opened to all Goans living in Qatar.

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