Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goan language and culture to depict World Goa Day 2010 celebration in Qatar

Goan language and culture to depict World Goa Day 2010
celebration in Qatar

The Goan Welfare Association (GWA), Qatar is in full swing in their preparation for the World Goa Day 2010 celebration to be held on 30th September 2010 from 9 pm onwards at the Rayyan Gardens.

A colourful cultural programme will be staged to mark the celebration followed by launching of two Konkani books named “Konknni Cholchitram”, a book on Konkani films history starting from 1950 (Mogacho Anvddo) to 2009 (Mogachi Zor) by Isidoro Dantas and a Book by Selma Carvalho “Into The Diaspora Wilderness”. These two books are recently launched in Goa. Goans in Qatar can obtain a copy of it through GWA members after it’s launch.

Goans based in different countries celebrate World Goa Day in Solidarity on 20th August to commemorate inclusion of Konkani in the eighty schedule of the Indian constitution. But some will schedule their observance of the international event on a date best suited to their communities. On GOA DAY, Goans will remind themselves of the need to work to preserve their culture, music, history, language, cuisine, and art for their children, the non-Goan community and for posterity.

It is a wonderful movement that have started and the Goans who are working at various levels and in various fields connected with the nurturing of the Goan identity and development of the Konkani language are overjoyed about the success of this movement. On GOA DAY, Goans remember 1992, when the two Houses of the Indian Parliament unanimously voted and approved an amendment to include our mother tongue Konkani in the eight schedule of the Constitution of India, thus according it national status. It is also a day where Goans world-wide join in SOLIDARITY to celebrate being a GOAN, said Simon D’Silva, president of the association.

Last year on World Goa Day occasion, an easy-to-learn Konkani language familiarization book written by Fr. Mathew Almeida and published by Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr was unveiled at the hands of Brazilian Ambassador to Qatar HE Anuar Nahes and around twenty five copies were obtained by the community members through Goan Welfare Association. GWA has enough study material for those trying to learn Konkani or improve upon their language skills. Goan Welfare Association urge community members to teach their children Konkani language. Teaching and imparting training in Konkani language may not help our children to get jobs, but it will not make us poor, but will enrich our future generations with a treasure trove of our language," added D’Silva.

Having achieved unprecedented success in previous years, GWA invites it’s members and Goan community to an evening filled with fun, music, cultural programme, games and attractive prizes. More details can be had by phoning 55550491 / 66828980.

GWA continues Goan Overseas Association’s (GOA’s) concept of organizing World Goa Day since 2003 even after it’s merger with GWA and also Annual May Queen Ball from 2001. The Eleventh Annual May Queen Ball 2011 will be held on 5th May 2011. More upcoming events and community welfare activities will be announced shortly.


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